Being an organic sustainable grower and landscaper, our company recognizes the absolute necessity to the ecosystem the honeybee and other pollinators play. The alarming decline in bee populations worldwide as reported by the Dept of Agriculture and others has ominous implications for the future of the world's food supply. Without these pollinatiors, significant portions of the worlds crops will not produce.

Landscape gardening is the art of creating an aesthetically pleasing environment blending natural features with the textures, colors and shapes of artistic hardscaping and thoughfullly placed trees, shrubs, and plants to cohesively tie together all elements of your property. Our designs harmonize and naturally calm. We provide a wide variety of Santa Fe landscape services from organic flower gardens to elegant natural sitting areas that please and excite.

The term hardscaping refers to using landscape structures or forms. Our company employs natural flagstone and feature rocks with skilled stone work as desired to create natural settings and accents synergizing with well placed and natural flora for aesthetically enchanting visuals.  Increase both your quality of life and your property value.

With the ever rising cost of produce, persistent use of pesticides, and diverse threats to our food supply, the necessity for sustainable growing is becoming a hot topic around the county.

What if you could walk out your door and pick produce of your choice knowing you were feeding your family truly organic high quality produce that tastes better and cost less as well?

Organic gardening is much more then using nontoxic pesticides and materials.

It's the art of combining techniques with micobiological knowledge of the soil and water while considering the interplay of the environment and insects (both harmful and benefitial) in growing specific plants. It's utilizing creative skills in harmony with the changing climate and natural food web while growing plants in the context of our eco system as a whole.

What could be more romantic and whimsical than having an outdoor wedding?

Our company has designed and maintained beautiful spaces for outdoor weddings for several years.  One of the most beautiful examples can be found in the courtyards of The Inn of the Five Graces in downtown Santa Fe. With three incredible courtyards to choose from, the lush gardens at this one of a kind hotel makes that special occasion memorable.

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