Being an organic sustainable grower and landscaper, our company recognizes the absolute necessity to the ecosystem the honeybee and other pollinators play. The alarming decline in bee populations worldwide as reported by the Dept of Agriculture and others has ominous implications for the future of the world's food supply. Without these pollinatiors, significant portions of the worlds crops will not produce.

We offer our clients environmentally sensitive services, including plants and flowers that are beneficial to bee colonies, with the possibility of placing working hives on your own property. Thus, you may be an active participate in helping provide a much needed resource for bees as well as satisfying your own need for pollinators. If you choose to have bees, you will have the added gift of honey produced on your property for personnel use. If you choose not to have bees, you will still enjoy the amazing beauty of flowers and plants such as lavender that support the health of our bee populations.

Contac Donna to set up an appointment. I will discuss your interests and desires for your property. I can provide taylored creative options for beautiful landscape and garden spaces to enjoy free of pesticides supporting bees and a healthy world.

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