The term hardscaping refers to using landscape structures or forms. Our company employs natural flagstone and feature rocks with skilled stone work as desired to create natural settings and accents synergizing with well placed and natural flora for aesthetically enchanting visuals.  Increase both your quality of life and your property value.

Materials used are very important to the hardscape design and should be cohesive with the property and overall design as well as the tastes of the client. Either a brick or moss rock path may set well in the general melieu of the property design, but one may resonate with certain individuals over the other. Explore and consider what hardscaping my do for your property and gardens.

Hardscaping may be designed to minimize erosion, improve drainage, provide natural irrigation and support water features. Let us put in place permaculture techniques that will support the beauty of your grounds and conserve resouces and costs.

Contact us! Explore the posibilites. Consider breaking your overall goals into smaller projects and see what we can do. We will respond with a plan that considers the whole one piece at a time.  We provide creative solutions unique to your situation.






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