With the ever rising cost of produce, persistent use of pesticides, and diverse threats to our food supply, the necessity for sustainable growing is becoming a hot topic around the county.

What if you could walk out your door and pick produce of your choice knowing you were feeding your family truly organic high quality produce that tastes better and cost less as well?

A Woman's Touch in conjunction with Grow Y'Own has come up with a easy affordable way to grow what you want, harvest when you need, and save money at the same time. No more throwing out spoiled produced. Eat fresh and better quality herbs and vegtebles.

Don't have the time? Try our custom garden service. Let us develop a garden plan that gives you the combination of fresh vegetables, greens, and herbs you want, grown all year in your own greenhouse or Grow Y'Own raised beds.

Our service provides top quality organic heirloom produce grown in micronutrient rich soil. We will give you advice, support, and service taylored to your desires and budget.

A Woman's Touch is dedicated to empowering every individual with the ability to grow high quality organic food at their door step.







Sustainable Growing

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