What could be more romantic and whimsical than having an outdoor wedding?

Our company has designed and maintained beautiful spaces for outdoor weddings for several years.  One of the most beautiful examples can be found in the courtyards of The Inn of the Five Graces in downtown Santa Fe. With three incredible courtyards to choose from, the lush gardens at this one of a kind hotel makes that special occasion memorable.

A Woman's Touch also offers a one of a kind experience to work one on one with the couple who is looking to enhance and customize a lush and beautiful garden on their property for their special day.

Imagine not only making your special day just a beautiful memory but a living reality as you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a garden that gives the enjoyment and tranquility of a meditation space. A bounty of colors and fragrances, formed to your special requirements that will provide a life time of enjoyment and enhancement to your home.

We can also design the perfect garden setting for those clients who enjoy entertaining outside. Many of our clients have enjoyed having an outdoor garden party in the lush spaces we have designed.

It's as simple as calling or e mailing us for a consultation, where we will work closely with you to design a functional garden space for your specific requirements.


Wedding Gardens

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