Donna Nash, Santa Fe Landscape GardenerDonna Nash, Santa Fe Landscape Gardener

Donna Nash is the owner of A Woman's Touch and holds a Master in the biological sciences and business from Oxford University. She is an organic master gardener, obtained after a three year apprenticeship in the UK while attending school.

She has designed, and with the help of her knowledgeable crew, maintains many high profile commercial and residential landscapes in Santa Fe since 1999. She has worked closely with the local youths in a mentoring program she facilitated in her company to teach the importance of organic, sustainable growing techniques to help bring a vital environmental awareness to the young people in our community.

Utilizing her extensive knowledge of the microbiology of soil and the importance it plays in the natural food web, she has created abundant sustainable gardens for her clientele to harvest and provide fresh organic food for their families.

Her unique and diverse approach to the use of native plants as well as heirloom varieties has created some of the most lush and beautiful gardens in Santa Fe.

She incorporates her passion for color, design, texture, and fragrances, into functional lasting landscapes which have been published in Trend magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, Phoenix Home and Gardens, and the book, Gardens of Santa Fe by Anne Hillerman. Many of her gardens have been featured on the Santa Fe Garden Tours.

Specializing in roses and Dahlias, she combines a vast knowledge of English country gardens with harmonious high desert county gardens to create a lifetime of enjoyment for her clients.

Her dedication to bees and pollinators started at the age of 6 when she was the youngest beekeeper in Northern Idaho. She has continued this dedication to the declining bee population and combines her skills in landscape design with beekeeping to provide organic sustainable flowers and crops for bees and pollinators.

She is currently writing a book she hopes to have published later this year about the importance and challenges of sustainable growing in relation to the changes in the climate and environment.


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