Landscape Gardening

Landscape gardening is the art of creating an outdoor environment using the surrounding environment of textures; colors to cohesively tie together all elements of your property. Our designs naturally harmonize and calm aesthetically. We provide a wide variety of landscape services from organic sustainable gardens to intimate private spaces and elegant natural sitting areas.


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The term hardscaping refers to using landscape structures or forms. Our company utilizes fine stone work skills with natural organic styles of flagstone and the softening tones of moss rock in conjunction with colors and textures of native plants to produce a living space that increases both your quality of life and your property value.


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Sustainable Growing

With the ever rising cost of produce in the grocery stores, persistent uses of pesticides, and drastic changes in our climate, the necessity for sustainable growing is becoming foremost in many communities around the county. What if you had the ability to walk out your door and pick produce of your choice with the knowledge and certainty that you are feeding your family a truly organic high quality produce, and saving a noticeable amount of money each week as well?


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Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is much more then using nontoxic pesticides and materials.

It's the art of combining knowledge and techniques of the microbiology of the soil, beneficial insects. It's utilizing creative skills to be in harmony with the changing climates, and the vast importantance that the natural food web has on growing plants and our eco system.


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Santa Fe Beekeeping

As an organic sustainable grower and landscaper, our company recognizes the vast importance and absolute necessity to the eco system the honeybee and other pollinators are. The fast declining population of bees at a rate of 34% of reported bee-colony deaths in 2010 by the Dept of Agriculture, and an even higher rate of declining bumblebees, should be highly alarming to all of us, as a vast number of crops that feed the population are dependent on these crops.


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What could be more romantic & whimsical then having an outdoor wedding? Now, what if that outdoor wedding was not a venue which you paid an exorbitant price for, but a customized garden of your dreams unique to your needs, created in your personalized space? A Woman's Touch offers a one of a kind experience to work one on one with the couple who is looking to enhance and customize a lush and beautiful garden on their property for their special day.


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