Finding a good landscaper can be an overwhelming task, especially if you have just moved to Santa Fe. You may ask yourself, where do I start? How do I know that the landscape company is a reliable one?

It helps to have a checklist of what it is your needing a landscaper for. Are you looking to design a new garden area? A flagstone patio for an intimate sitting area? A stone retaining wall to help prevent water erosion? A maintenance program for your existing gardens? Or maybe you just want to update your existing landscape and need some ideas. These questions will be helpful when you find a company you are interested in using and have a checklist of questions to ask the company.

  • One way of finding a good landscape company is by references. I have found that word of mouth can guide you to some very good and reputable companies. Ask your friends, neighbors, and even Real estate and property management agencies.
  • Using the internet can be a useful tool. Searching for Santa Fe Landscaper will result in a variety of choices to select from. (This is not to say if a company is not listed on the internet that it would not be a good choice, there are many small landscape companies that advertise in the local papers or bulletin boards that can provide you with a great service.)

Once you have chosen a company, make sure to ask for references, or ask to see a job that this company has done, or ask to speak to a client that the company has done some work for. You will get the best sense of how this company preformed by being able to talk to someone who knows on a first hand basis what it was like to work with the company in question.

Happy hunting!!!!

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